Future , un nouveau clip : Mad Luv (Clip, Paroles)

Le rappeur Future lance la nouvelle vidéo du titre « Mad Luv », tiré de sa mixtape « Monster » déjà disponible dans les bacs. La vidéo a été filmée au tour de la ville d’Atlanta et réalisée par Rick Nyce.

Visionnez le clip « Mad Luv » de Future

Paroles de Mad Luv

I kill all of y’all, when the verse off
They got mad love for me, getting mad dough
Trying to sabotage me, got cashflow me
We don’t respect none of you niggas, we getting mad dough
They got mad love for me, it’s gonna stay that way
We got mad goonies, they gon’ spray that way
Soutshide nigga M-Tray we don’t play around don’t play with me
The southside come around and we spray it down like firemen

Whipping the dough like it’s anime, shoot a nigga head like JFK
Got mojo got mo’ dough’ I assassinate em, dragon [?] of vans
Pull out a four hundred band, cealing and dope out of france
The molly you drink with a tan, the present looking like a dance
Diamon is made out of two hundreds, his for the win with the benjamins
My heart is so full of anger, all you niggas is biting
Taking a case, like I’m in the rage, I would’ve take if I would be famous
I do get arested so why the fuck you comlaining? straight off the lambo straight to the jewler
Straight out the range to the masareti, and fuck with these niggas they shyste
Running the bike on some harvard shit, run you down like a carpenter
Migos at the club stand on the side for a nigga
I toss it up but I won’t dance with you niggas


Some lean some lean baby, I got the rime on me like pippen
Machine machine baby, I’m in a foreign machine baby
I been staying round in the club, I put a two and a bang on the third
I’m a pull up in a ross with her
I’m a say me a hard drinker, ice cubes don’t need no freezer
Say colour every white bitch, black and drugs make the eyes clean
F a bitch make her scream bigger, that’s your bitch I’m a ball with her
I got on the beach and I’m pushing the babe
Gotta keep ending liking some niggas
Nine millimeter my little nigga, I’m stuck to the gang bang
I’m stuck to my gang baby, hit two like the main level
The bouncer so froze cause I represent my niggas
Smashing on these hose tossing with my day’ ones
Get your roller on


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