Gunplay offre le freestyle « Feel it in the Air » (Clip, Paroles)


Le rappeur  de Gunplay , Don Logan vient de révéler  une version officielle de la vidéo « Feel it in the Air »; son nouvel album intitulé « Living Legende » sera bientôt disponible. Le clip a été réalisé par 618 Films. Le rappeur offre un clip sombre.

Visionnez le clip officiel « Feel it in the Air » de Gunplay

Paroles de Feel it in the Air

Came so far, so far to go
Money replace love, that’s cool
I can adapt
Been a soldier from day 1 tho
Tired of central bookin’
Game made me an animal
Tired of courtrooms
Tired of phoney hugs and handshakes
I came up hard, still I rise

Broken promises I couldn’t foresee
A rich crook from a poor thief
Chow felipes from corn beef
A busy matrice and torn sheets
Niggas don’t die, they take long sleeps
Took wrong turns, ridin’ with the wrong peeps
Tryna dodge potholes, had to take long leaps
Slept on floors, now it’s floor seats
Every month was a fucked up four weeks
I’m in the middle where peace and war meet
All I see is long coffins and more reefs(?)
Wish I had less nightmares and more dreams
Neva seen a clover with four leafs
A broken home is what police and the law leaves
But a nigga gotta eat, by all means
And his game ain’t nothin’ what it all seems

Man, I remember when my truck got shot to fuck up
With me in it, and I’m still here to tell the story, nigga
I’m the last loyal nigga left
My co-defendant gave a statement to the state
I got the paperwork to prove it
I was facing a PBL: that’s punishable by life, nigga

(Verse 2)
I miss my nigga Peanut, free Gaino, rest in peace Peasey
I’m on the way, tho, you livin’ yours, so why you wanna end mine?
FEDs build a case just to bring down an empire
I’m prayin’ to a different god
I got different pro’lems, when I cry, it’s a different sob
I just wanna make it, freedom is a luxury and they just wanna take it
Tryna find our way but we lost in hell
And we still sport a chain with the cross and nails
Only way to stop me is to AK or Glock me
Couldn’t even do it when they locked me
I payed more dues than em, spoke more truth than em
Sung more blues than em, when I write, I abuse the pen
Between the lines in this paper, the proof is in

I refuse to be another name on the T-Shirt
I refuse to bow down to a nigga that breathe the same air as me
I wadn’t cut like that, free my nigga Loaf
Free my nigga Kano, RIP all the fallen soldiers
Peanut, Venom, Peesey, this yo boy Gunplay
Don Loaf, the real livin’ legend signin’ out!

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