Kirko Bangz dans le clip de « Vent 3 » (Clip, Paroles)

Le rappeur Kirko Bangz a libéré le visuel  officiel de sa troisième épisode intitulé « Vent 3», le single est extrait de sa mixtape « Progression V ». Le visuel a été réalisé par Beardo TV.

Découvrez le clip « Vent 3 » de Kirko Bangz

Paroles de Vent 3 ( don’t wanna want)

I’m in here chillin’ in my room thinking about where I’m at
Thinking about where Ima go and thinking how Ima get
All the shit a nigga need so they think Ima star
Need to buy some new chains probably cop a new car
I need to get a new bitch one that everyone want
One that could suck a good dick but she tell me she don’t
But deep inside I’m like why man cause I’m not that guy
Don’t need all them materials man I just need to get by
Sometimes I wish I didn’t want
Why is people so greedy?
Why we don’t all come together so we ain’t got no more needy?
I remember back in high school I use to ask you for change
Now you asking for advice crazy how shit’ll change
That’s half the reason why I got so much damn anger in heart
And I’m like fuck these hoes can’t tell these niggas apart
I’m tired of living with grudges mayne but shit I’m like fuck it
My heart use to be filled with love now it’s filled up with trouble
I’m tired of mama texting me saying this shit gon’ get better
Cause I’m down, cause I want better for my sister and brother
Better choices better decisions and less consequences
I gotta vision though it’s vivid if everyone was with it
The world would be a better place
That’s our way for a book
And Ima call that shit uh, I gave not I took

I don’t wanna want
I wanna be content
Say I don’t wanna want
Let me vent
Say I don’t wanna want
I wanna be content
I don’t wanna want
Let me vent

[Verse 2:]
And as I look outside I see I’m blessed than a bitch
Looking over my city but I’m stressed than a bitch
People asking about my album like my shit don’t exist
The label tell me I’m a star but I don’t feel like shit
I’m still rocking plenty shows still got plenty hoes
But goddamn niggas act like they don’t know I got flow
If I drop my shit today swear to god it’s gon’ go
And I promise ya’ll it go harder than any rapper you know
I guess my disadvantage is a nigga being from Texas
They think I’m good cause they see me in these Rari’s and Bentleys
Or is my disadvantage me wanting to be my own boss?
And not being under Wayne T.I. Diddy or Ross
And that right that make me think about the rappers before me
If we stayed true to us this shit wouldn’t be all on me
I would have some type of help
Someone I could go to
To tell me what I need to do
When this shit I go through
But the blame ain’t on you
I’m just tryna show you
And that I’m doing all this shit I told myself I won’t do
To all the rappers after me just know right now I’m going through
All this shit for you and me so you won’t have to go through


I don’t wanna want
I wanna be content
I wanna be happy with life
But I can’t be, right now cause I feel like God put me in this situation
where I gotta make a better situation for the next
Not just rapping this for my family, for my friends
For people that don’t even know me might not ever meet me or ever hear from me
I just feel like I’m one of them people
I’m a leader
A message
I’m bigger than what I’m doing right now
I’m bigger than my album that I’m to put out that’s about to go platinum
I’m bigger than all that
This right here this just a stepping stone into what I really need to be doing with my life
You know what I’m saying?
But at the end of the day
I don’t wanna want


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