Vesta Lugg, découvre son nouveau clip « Problem Child » (Clip, Paroles)

La chanteuse Vesta Lugg vient de sortir le visuel du titre « Problem Child », extrait de son album « Problem Child ». Dans le clip, la chanteuse joue le rôle d’une fille rebelle, on la retrouve sur son lit. Le clip a été réalisé par Juan Pablo Molina.

Découvrez le clip officiel « Problem Child » de Vesta Lugg

Paroles de Problem Child

I wasn’t lost for them to find
All they did was waste their time
Try to make me fit in like
Rip, tug and mold
Why would I wanna ever be sold
When I am gold
People try to bring you down
So you fit within the crowd
I will be so ever proud
Of my own shine
Why would I want to stand in your line
When I’ve got mine
Oh, Oh
When you get to close
I am like a rose
Blood is drawn
I’ll make you feel exposed
I have more thorns that peatles
They’re part of me
You can’t take them away from me
That’s why they’re part of beauty
I have more thorns than peatles baby
That’s why you don’t believe
Ever believe in me
I’m free there is nothing you can do
I’m me that’s for me to choose
So you you say I’m a problem child
Well baby don’t you see
That you’re the one with the problem honey it’s not me
Try to hurt me with your words
All you did was make me strong
Funny is that you weren’t wrong
I am a rebel
But the difference is that I
I have a cause
Oh, Oh
When you get to close
I am like a rose
Blood is drawn
I’ll make you feel exposed
For all my gypsy souls and my free spirits out there
For all my problem children and rebels without a cause
I guess we finally found it guys
Finally found our cause
And it’s always to prove them wrong

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