Visualisez le nouveau clip de Tiara Thomas : Best Kept Secret (Clip, Paroles)

Tiara Thomas vient de publier le nouveau visuel de son single intitulé « Best Kept Secret », extrait de son nouvel album à venir « Bad Influence ». Dans le clip, on retrouve la chanteuse sur son lit, elle nous montre son amant secret, elle part sur la plage et termine sa journée sur le balcon pour boire un dernier verre.

Découvrez le clip « Best Kept Secret » de Tiara Thomas

Paroles de Best Kept Secret

[Verse 1]
Is this your blunt? Is that your gun?
Why you ain’t smiling? Are you having fun?
I’m having fun, never been better, just high as the sun
Is this your weed? Why you smoke weed?
All these bad habits, you know they ain’t cheap
Who do you freak? Who’s he?
And she stay asking me

They don’t know none
They don’t know nothing at all
I’m so in love
I’ll never let it be known

Can’t give away
My best kept secret
It’s my only weakness
And that’s how we should keep it
That’s how I wanna keep it

[Verse 2]
You say why I gotta go and make my Heart so hard to find
Why you gotta mak it hard to know what’s on my mind
I done had you do some thing you never do
They don’t know me, they don’t know me

[Pre-Hook] + [Hook]

[Verse 3]
Promise to love, he never judge me
Light this up instead (light this up instead)
My biggest hit bring my weakness
Just roll it out my way

[Pre-Hook] + [Hook]

My best kept secret
My best kept secret
My best kept secret
My best kept secret

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